Wooop! and other things

Haha, I knew the Japanese were great with fireworks, but I didn't know you could find them at the 100 yen store. We bought a few packs of those fireworks that fly up into the air and explode (do they have a name?). I only remember playing with them as a child as they were banned in New Zealand several years ago. The restrictions on fireworks in New Zealand are quite strict, with shops only being allowed to sell them on the 5 days before guy fawkes day (5th November) and at no other time. One of the best memories I have: I was young and had saved up a lot of money to buy smoke bombs, and when I carried a huge storage box (containing something like 30 small boxes) of them to the check-out I was only charged for one small box. I felt like a million birthdays had come at once.

In other news, Kotomi has started her new job. Apparently its going well, so I'm happy for her. She is going to a woman-only kendo session on Sunday, no men allowed :( Oh well.

I had a long talk with one of the sensei about something that's been bothering me. When I strike and move forward I tend to slow down and lift my hands high. I believe I do this because I fear hurting the other person: I've already knocked one guy on his back. I'm 2 meters tall and weigh close to 90kgs, and when I get going, especially after a men cut, with my arms in front of me (at the hight of other peoples faces) I could probably really hurt someone. However, the sensei said not to worry, especially with teachers. I should just steam right at them. But if it's older people I should be more gentle. I'm going to give it a try next time. It seems to fit in with my resolution to become 'more aggressive'.

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