It's all I can think about right now. It's HOT.

Thankfully I bought a summer kendogi yesterday. There is a guy that comes to the dojo about once a week, and most people buy kendo things from him. He sold me the gi for 4000 yen, and said it was normally 8000 yen. So I feel pretty lucky. It smells of new shoes... reminds me of years past, hanging out in skateboarding shops :)

One thing that amuses me: when we finish kendo practice most people just stay in their shorts without a t-shirt while folding hakamas and putting away gear. (Woman have their own room, but men get changed in the main dojo). Apart from one or two people, no-one is muscular or "fit", in fact most of us are a little chubby, or just normal. Just an observation.

People tell me the heat gets worse in August.

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