Atsui Neko

All the doors and windows in the house are open. The fan is on. And it's 34 degrees.

I'm sitting in my boxer shorts, no t-shirt, sweating.

Last night it was 31 degrees at 10 o'clock. (That's 10pm.)

Today I am like a cat.

Sleeping, now here, now there.

Seemingly drowsy. Ambling from spot to spot. From shade to sun and back again. Dreaming.

But I know.

As soon as I enter that dojo. As soon as I begin.

Like the cat. Alert. Ready. Waiting.


Maybe not.

Oh yes, very alert, very ready, and always waiting.... but always while I get beaten up. Need to go faster, not just stand there and take it.

I hope my gear dries before kendo tomorrow. 10am start. Was sweating waterfalls tonight. Everyone was.

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