I'll try not to write how I feel about this, so make up your own minds:

In some parts (perhaps all) of Japan there are efforts under way to fight terrorism. For example:

  • They have sealed off the vending machines at the Noda and Kashiwa train stations. (Noda, in case you are wondering, is a tiny station. In fact, there is almost no station: it just has a few ticket machines, and 3 ticket gates... no shops or anything.)
  • They have sealed off all the coin lockers.
  • They have sealed off the few remaining rubbish bins.
  • There are people walking around with arm bands who look at you in a strange way.
  • There is a huge banner in Kashiwa that says in big letters "FIGHT TERRORISM".
  • There are posters everywhere which ask people to please call the police if they see anything suspicious. There are images of masked robbers on these posters, which are labelled "terrorists".
And this is all because some world leaders are gathering in Hokkaido. On a fortified island. A thousand kilometres away. Who runs this country?

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