The dojo smelled like a sewer today. Maybe there's a sewage leak somewhere close by, or maybe some stagnant water.

I practised with a certain sensei for the first time. From watching him I could tell he wasn't very good, or at least not in comparison to the other sensei. His tactic was basically to hit kote all the time, which I countered easily. From my point of view when I pretty much beat him up. And that was why the egoism started. Oh my god, I'm winning against a teacher. Oh yea, how do you like that men cut? Yea, take that. Wow you suck. I'm so much better than you. Hahahahaha.

It makes me sick. I have no idea where that crap comes from. Perhaps it's a good thing that I constantly practise with people who are far better than me. If I were to fight people below me I think my ego would take over pretty quickly. Or perhaps its a bad thing? Perhaps I need to train with more people who I can beat, so that I become accustomed to it?

Well, at least I can see it, and I can try to change it.

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