Leaving Dinner

Some people at the Sunday dojo have set up a leaving dinner for me. I think its very nice of them :)

However, I feel a little bad about it too. They asked everyone else (apart from me and Kotomi) to pay 4000 yen... which is like NZ$55. I really don't want to make anyone pay that much just because I'm leaving. And somehow they booked it at.... a Chinese restaurant. In Japan. Kotomi and I both don't like Chinese food :(

I subtly suggested that we should just set up some tables in the dojo and I'd bring lots of fruit and pom juice, but they would hear nothing of it. They thought I was just being polite when I actually ment it.

Oh well.

Actually, many people in Japan have been really nice to me. I feel really indebted to them. I already have two copies of the English/Japanese dictionary, and almost got a third one but thankfully that person asked me beforehand. I have a large stack of various tenagui, key chains and other trinkets.

What could I give people in return for being so nice to me, and teaching me kendo for almost 6 months?!?


Ivan said...

Give them small gifts, and passionately invite them to NZ!!

Benjamin said...

Yea, I'll say that. But I have no idea what I would do if they actually decided to come >.>

Ivan said...

haha that's the tricky bit. You would pay for every meal or entrance ticket whenevery you're present.