Nodashi Kendo Meeting

I was invited to attend a Nodashi Kendo meeting which was held today. I didn't know what it was about but Grumpy sensei suggested I sign up.

When Kotomi and me went there today we learnt that it was an all day teachers conference.... yea, and here's me, a beginner, sitting in with all the teachers from around Nodashi, being lectured by three 7th dan teachers. In Japanese.

But it was great fun. For the first half of the day (9-12) everyone went through kata, and Grumpy sensei took me through kata 5 to 10. Even though I did really badly he was happy and said I learn fast.

After a lunch break we all went through how to do warm ups and basic practice. Then we put on our men and did more basic practice, followed by 1 minute ji-keiko with everyone in quick succession. I was so tired (after standing for 5 hours), and it was really hot, and I just wanted to go to sleep :(

A great and tiring day.

Will maybe post a video that Kotomi took if I figure out how to get it off the camera.

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