I was sick since last Monday. It's always Monday night that gets me sick. Might have something to do with the way grumpy (it obviously makes him happy tat he's the only teacher for once) always explains things so tediously, while everyone else is standing there in the cold draft, saying hai. After he's finished we get to practice something, maybe 5 hits, then he starts talking again. I really don't think kendo should be taught like this.

Anyway. Come Sunday I felt well enough to go to kendo again. We did like 20 laps of the dojo to start with, then sensei sensei's gruelling exercise regime which involves push-ups, sit-ups, tonnes of squats and so on. And I had just gotten out of the house for the first time in a week; I was dead tired and we hadn't even started kendo yet :(

Still, after practice I felt pain in all the right places, which I guess means I've been using the right muscles.

Some photos. Kotomi and sensei sensei:

Me hitting men on Happy guy:

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