Shinai and Kotomi's Bogu

We went to Tokyo yesterday to buy some more shinai for me (I've been breaking a lot lately). I am going to start oiling them so that they are not so brittle, should have done that right from the start.

So, two new big grip shinai at about $65 (only bamboo), and a nice grip and black string (and everything else) for the expensive shinai we bought the other day (wrapped in plastic now). I'm thinking that it would be a nice present to give to someone. Is it appropriate to give a teacher a shinai to say thank you? Hmm, it's so nice that I actually want to keep it :(

We went to practice yesterday. I did kata with everyone else and kotomi did suburi. Grumpy sensei seems very happy that she is so dedicated to kendo. He has now even given her (or maybe lent her) an entire set of bogu! And it looks almost brand new. This is in addition to the two shinai, shinai bag, and gi and hakama he gave her. Kotomi thinks this could be a problem, because in Japan this would be seen as a huge gift, and she is now indebted to him. In a way she has to listen to everything he says and learn his kind of kendo (which is a little strange at times) so as not to offend him. Oh well, we'll see. Maybe he is just happy that someone is listening to him.

So far Kotomi has spent a grand total of $20 on kendo ($8 on train tickets to buy a new grip for one of the shinai, and $12 for the grip itself). I am a little jealous :)

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MrWoody said...

COol cOllection and thanks for your comment on my blog.
Yes, it is appropriate to give a teacher a gift - I am also a teacher who gratefully accepts such gifts. Feel free to give it to me ;-)
Cheers from NZ!